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With over 12 Years of experience and expertise in this domain. We are leading Stall Fabricator and exhibition stall designers to offer the best and trendy range of exhibition services.
Besides, our range of stall fabrication is highly appreciated by our clients for their great design too. And in fact, these stall fabrications are highly popular among our clients as they are always available at affordable prices.
Exhibitions being an ideal platform for marketing brands, we offer various solutions that aid the engagement of your audience.

Things to keep in mind while setting up an Exhibition stall

Whether it’s a small start-up or a huge firm, everyone desires to make their presence felt at the exhibition. The very first thing that a visitor may notice about your brand at the exhibition is your stall

1. Relevant Exhibition

With thousands of exhibitions happening all around the world, you must showcase your brand at the right exhibition targeting an audience that would understand the importance of your product or services. You must always make sure that the show would fit in your marketing strategy and if it could add to your target audience.

2. Eye on the Competitor

Before setting up your stall, always have a check on the list of exhibitors and specifically get details about the competitors exhibiting alongside you. This could give you an advantage to be a step ahead of your competitor and have a more attractive stall.

3. Selecting the right place:

To set up an exhibition stall, you must first select the right place for it. A right place is where your stall will have the right visibility. Sometimes the biggest of the spaces may not suit your requirement. An exhibitor must know the floor plan, go ahead with only the space that is required. You have to even consider the entrance and the main exhibition area before setting up exhibition stalls.

4. Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands play a very pivotal role in making your stall noticeable. We at Bricks and clicks Fabrication, create custom unique designs, graphics and content which could give your stall exclusivity over the other exhibition stalls. Always be unique and stand out.

Need for Innovative Exhibition Stands & Other Challenges Seen at National / International Events

when your brand goes National / international, it is time to level up everything with it. Be it the event planning, marketing team, logistics and not to forget exhibition stands, it has to be perfect and nothing less.

 When the stakes are high, you should only choose trustworthy and reliable exhibition stand designers with enough experience of handling events. Bricks and clicks Fabrication is one of the leaders in the exhibition stand designs who have immense experience of providing events, exhibition stands and stalls and other services as well.

There are few challenges the events often experience. We will take a look at them below.

1. Deadlines and Timeline

When you collaborate with any exhibition stand designer and fabricator, transparency is of utmost importance. When you are sitting to make the deal, brands must lay down the clear timeline for executing each of the processes and finishing off the exhibition stand project. It is crucial to keep buffer time and prepare for unexpected situations that can cause the delay.

The exhibition stands designers who can give deadlines for their work are obviously efficient and effective. This should clearly include transportation, logistics, space planning, installation, hoardings, printing. Once the matter is open and clear, it is easy to concentrate on other aspects of the event.

2. Hassle-free management:

Hassle-free management of events requires good communication and coordination between the client and the exhibition stand company. It is one of the biggest challenges faced by people at events. Lack of professionalism, honesty and commitment can cause irreversible damage.

The good exhibition stand designers will regularly communicate about the progress of the projects. Even if something goes wrong unintentionally, the company should be dynamic enough and skilled to make a turn-around in less time.

This is where the experienced exhibition stand companies score higher. A team of professionals who have handled a large number of events, nothing comes as a surprise. They are well aware of the challenges and help clients throughout. This gives great assurance to the client as well.

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Is your exhibition stand designer good enough?

Many a time, projects need to be finished in very limited time. It is important to know if the exhibition stand designer has the capability and capacity to build something in the matter of hours and not days. Are they using quality material for fabrication? Do they have resources to take such a big project and execute it easily? These tough questions will help you find the best company.

You can search for the extraordinary past work done by Bricks and clicks Fabrication for big brands from PAN India for various trade shows, expo’s, exhibitions and events. Always partner with companies like Bricks and clicks Fabrication known for the high standard of services and successful track record.

Bricks and clicks Fabrication is one of the most prominent names in the exhibition stall design and exhibition stall fabrication. 

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